Discover Balance in Your Body


Ritsuko Sonobe


certified personal trainer, pilates instructor, and nutrition expert

She started her fitness journey when she was in college as a competitive runner but her life as an athlete didn't last so long due to the injuries. After she retired from running, she was introduced to Pilates method as her new conditioning training that completely changed her life later on. She noticed Pilates drastically improved her body functionally and aesthetically without bulking up the unwanted muscles that could have been over-developed by wrong exercises. Soon, her recreational interest toward Pilates became a career option. Although Pilates was a great training method, it wasn't perfect or the most efficient for some people. So she studied and earned a certification for NCSF-PT and ACE's Weight Management Expert as supplements. After 5 years of training and teaching friends and coworkers, she finally opened Studio Luxé in NYC.

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