Private Pilates Lesson

Private Pilates Lesson

What is the Private Pilates Lesson?

Private Pilates Lesson is designed to correct misaligned posture and enhance natural breathing efficiency after each session. A series of carefully controlled movements enables you to utilize your body more effortlessly and functionally. The lessons are offered either at studio or online.

Recommended frequency and duration
for the best results

Level zero

10 session within 2 months

Strengthening weak muscles and core


Maintaining great Pilates form?


What you need for Private Pilates Lesson at Studio

  • Fitted exercise attire
  • Water
  • Socks

What you need for Private Pilates Lesson via Online

  • Fitted exercise attire
  • Yoga/Training Mat
  • Water
  • PC/Smartphone/Tablet



4 Session/month

$480 (Gym)

$360 (Online)

8 Session/month

$880 (Gym)

$640 (Online)


10 Session

$1200 (Gym)

$900 (Online)

30 Session

$3300 (Gym)

$2400 (Online)

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