Personal Training

Personal Training

What is the Personal Training?

Personal Training is designed for those who are new to fitness trainings, aiming for transformation, recovering from injuries, or maintaining their general health. Personal Training sessions are offered either at the gym or online.

Recommended frequency and duration
for the best results

Level zero

1/week for 1-2 months

Need to lose 10 pounds the right way?

2/week for 2-3 months

Need to maintain peak form?


What you need
for Personal Training at Gym

  • Training attire
  • Water
  • Sneakers

What you need
for Personal Training via Online

  • Training attire
  • Water
  • Yoga/Training Mat
  • PC/Smartphone/Tablet



4 Session/month

$480 (Gym)

$360 (Online)

8 Session/month

$880 (Gym)

$640 (Online)


10 Session

$1200 (Gym)

$900 (Online)

30 Session

$3300 (Gym)

$2400 (Online)

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