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  • How can I start the 8 weeks intensive program?
    Please contact us to make an appointment with Ritsuko and she will conduct the initial consultation and assessment before starting your 8 weeks intensive program.
    We will not be able to start the program without the assessment.
    What is the difference between The 8 weeks intensive program and regular personal training?
    The 8 weeks intensive program is a comprehensive fitness program that includes not only personal training sessions but also nutritional consultation and lifestyle management. The 8 weeks intensive program is fully customized and designed to drastically transform individuals within 8 weeks.
    Personal training is also a customized exercise session but does not include nutritional consultation and lifestyle management. Personal training itself can be as effective as the 8 weeks intensive program if the individuals could manage their nutrition and lifestyle by themselves.
    Why do I have to work for 8 weeks?
    Our muscle fibers are said to take 6-8 weeks to be synthesized which means you should continue to stimulate them with proper load for minimum 8 weeks to develop new muscles.
    Can I continue another program after completing my 8 weeks intensive program?
    Of course! We encourage you to continue your new lifestyle and exercise habit. In order to avoid boredom and over-adaptation, we recommend you to mix up different types of exercise so you can keep improving your fitness and physique. We offer regular personal training and private pilates sessions for your post-program maintenance if you are interested.
  • What is the most efficient workout for a weight loss?
    We believe that moderate intensity cardio and interval training are the best workout for a weight loss and fat loss.
    When is the best time for a workout?
    The best time is mornings or whenever you feel rested and have energy the most.
    When will I see results?
    This depends on what kind of results we’re talking about. You may have more energy within a matter of hours or a few days. Fat loss or weight loss will occur as quickly a few days to a few weeks depending on your lifestyle choices. To see increased strength and actual muscle size it will take 6-8 weeks. For an overall feeling of well-being and a sense of better strength, it could be a matter of just a few weeks.
    Will I lose weight?
    Exercise alone will probably not do it. It’s a simple equation; burn more calories than you take in but it’s a complex solution. If you think that you can simply workout and eat anything you want, then you’re going to have a harder time losing weight. However, if you have the right mindset, some good nutritional guidance, some discipline and the right follow through then this could be one element in the recipe for success. Our 8 weeks intensive program can help you in achieving weight loss if that is one of your goals.
    Will the training make me bulky?
    This can be a concern for women and for some men as well. If you want to be a competitive body builder, we can find a trainer for you, though that’s not really our specialty. Chances are though, that your muscles will get to a point where they’re strong without becoming bulky. In most cases, it takes quite a bit of time to actually bulk up. Additionally, if you find that your body is changing in a way you don’t want or like, we will re-evaluate your training program and make appropriate adjustments.
    How difficult is the training? I am afraid I cannot keep up.
    You will be exercising at your own pace under the close supervision of your trainer. Most of the exercises will be new to you therefore you will start slowly and work your way up. Your individual plan will, in a stepwise fashion, get you where you want to be while minimizing the chances of injury and muscle soreness.
    What if I am new to exercise or out of shape?
    If you’re new to exercise, coming to Studio Luxé is one of the best choices you can make. There are endless benefits to establishing a fitness program and working one-on-one with a personal trainer. We have many years of experience working with individuals who have been inactive for periods of time. Please contact us today and we’ll get you started.
  • I live outside of New York City. Can I take a session online?
    Yes. We offer all the service through online. Please contact us for more information.
    Can I bring my guest to our training session?
    You can bring guests to training sessions with additional cost of $35 per guest.
    Do you rent exercise clothing and shoes?
    We don’t rent clothing or shoes. But in case you forgot to bring your clothing we have T-shirt, leggings, and non-slip socks for sale.
    I have a trouble breathing when I exercise with a mask. What should I do?
    Although we understand your struggles, wearing masks or face-coverings during the in-person training is required. You might want to try face-shields or sports-masks as an alternate. Please ask the trainers.
    What can I expect at my first visit to Studio Luxé?
    You can expect to have a thorough consultation with your trainer, including review of your health and fitness history, past and present injuries, discussion of your objectives for personalized training, and an opportunity to address any concerns or questions you may have. Your trainer will evaluate your level of fitness through a series of tests so that a customized training program can be established for you.
  • What are the benefits of working with Studio Luxé?
    We are providing the services that change not only your body but also your life.
    Our unique approach of improving your QOL includes 4 stages; being pain-free, having positive mind, having more stamina, and being more aesthetic. Being aesthetic is our ultimate goal because beauty lays on healthy mind and body. We set the high standard and consistently raise the bar for you.
    Who are the best candidates to work with Studio Luxé?
    Whoever is willing to change themselves and make healthy lifestyle their new habits can be the best candidates to work with us.
    How long have you been in business?
    Ritsuko opened Studio Luxé in 2013.
    Is the original location closed?
    We moved our office and studios to different locations.
    I’m interested in learning to be a fitness trainer. Do you have a trainer’s academy?
    Yes, we have an annual personal trainer academy starting from March every year. We also have an apprenticeship program for the eligible candidates. Please contact us for more information.