8 Week Intensive Program

8 Week Intensive Program

What is the 8 Week Intensive Program?

The 8 Week Intensive Program is a customized body transformation program that was created by Ritsuko Sonobe.
The program focuses on developing deep skinny muscles and optimizing nutrition intake to accelerate a basal metabolic rate.
By using this method, you will obtain a lean, strong, well-proportioned physique, and a better total athletic ability.

How does the 8 Week Intensive Program work?

  • STEP 1 Initial Assessment
    • A 30-min counseling with a nutrition specialist
    • Initial size measurement
    • Set up a training schedule for 8 weeks
  • STEP 2 Pre-Program Diet Journal
    • Submit a daily diet journal for 3 consecutive days
    • Keep the current lifestyle until the program begins
    • Obtain all the medical clearance if requested
  • STEP 3 8 Week Intensive Program
    • 4 phases of semiweekly Personal Training sessions for 8 weeks
    • Online daily nutrition support and lifestyle monitoring
    • Size measurement every 2 weeks

    Sample plan for weight loss program

    1. Phase I - Resistance Training with a high protein meal plan
    2. Phase II - Resistance Training with a low carb meal plan
    3. Phase III - Circuit Training with a low fat meal plan
    4. Phase IV - Interval Training with a balanced meal plan
  • STEP 4 Spa Treatment (Add-ons)
    • Studio Luxé Dewy Facial
    • Body contouring massage
    • Aroma oil massage


8 weeks

$3500 (Gym)

$2500 (Online)

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